DIY Polka Dot Easter Eggs

Happy Easter!!

I have SO many fond memories of holidays as a kid but one of my favorite memories is from our Easter celebrations in my late teen years.  Once the Easter bunny decided we were too old to have eggs hidden for us, my dad and uncle began a new tradition.  The two brothers, who have always been sarcastic, put on their own Easter egg hunt for my cousins and me.  Rather than fill the plastic eggs with candy and little toys, they would fill them with 'coupons' worth, well, pretty much nothing!  Some of my favorite 'coupons' included tickets to a championship sporting event with our hometown team - who had already missed the playoffs, a free meal at a restaurant - that was recently closed, and a coupon for another helping or Easter brunch - which was usually a buffet.
This year, I decided to celebrate Easter by decorating eggs with one of my favorite patterns: polka dots!!  This project was so fun and brought back many Easter memories.  I may just have to put on my own hunt this year!! 
I hope you enjoy this easy, DIY project! :)

Brightly Colored Plastic Easter Eggs - I purchased mine from Michaels!
Spray Paint - I used Krylon Metallic Gold spray paint, it's the best!  I also purchased this from Michaels.  
Paper Reinforcements - These are sold anywhere office supplies is sold: Target, Walmart, Office Depot, etc.

Step 1: Purchase supplies and decide which color spray paint will look best with the eggs.  Choose which Easter egg colors you are going to use and cover with paper reinforcements.  I broke a few of the eggs apart so that some of them would be solid on one side.  Press your stickers down firmly to ensure perfect circles.

Step 2: Spray paint the exterior of the eggs per the instructions on the paint can.  I used 3 coats to cover the eggs and let dry for 2 hours before removing the stickers.

Step 3: Fill the eggs with candy (or sarcastic coupons) and put on a colorful Easter egg hunt!! :)

I hope you liked this Easter DIY project!!
Don't forget to post your photos and use the hashtag #KPApreps !!  

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