DIY Lunchbox

I'm so happy that the weather is starting to warm up in MN!!  I can finally spray paint outside!  I've been waiting for spring to do so many projects.  It's just too cold to craft outside in the winter here!!  This is a project that is very practical in my life because I bring my lunch to work everyday!!  
I purchased a lunch box from the Target Valentine's section [when it was 90% off, score!] and have been trying to decide how I should decorate it!  I found some magnetic alphabet letters and went to work.

Alphabet Magnetic Letters - These can be found at Target, Amazon, etc. 
Magnetic Lunchbox - Target sells these and often times you can find them on super clearance after a holiday!
Spray Paint

Step One: Purchase your supplies and decide what phrase you are going to put on your lunch box. Make sure you purchase enough of each letter!  Choose a paint color that will cover your letters. I tried to use hot pink but could only cover the yellow letters with it... Luckily gold covers everything! :)

Step Two: Spray paint your lunchbox according to the directions on the can. I used four coats of white to cover the red lunch box and needed three coats of gold to cover my letters.

Experiment with different colors and phrases!!

Enjoy your new lunch box and be prepared to be the envy of the office!! ;)

<3 Karly



  1. That is such a clever DIY xD you transformed something so childish into sophisticated! Well :)

    1. Thanks Coisa!! I love your ruffle sleeves post!

      xoxo Karly