DIY Flower Lampshade

Hello DIY Darlings!!  I hope everyone is having a cheerful and bright spring! We are having a bit of a gloomy week here in MN so I am surrounding myself with colorful projects!! I am super excited about this project in particular because my cousin is the one who showed me how to make these amazing paper flowers!

Confession time: I broke my mom's glass lampshade while I was trying to take a picture for a DIY project. I was trying to capture the rainbow-color argyle wall [that she hand painted!!] and lost my balance, knocking over the table holding the lamp! It just so happened that I was visiting my cousin the day after this happened and she taught me how to create this floral lampshade!!  If that's not fate, I don't know what is!  
Luckily, this project is super quick and I was able to create a replacement lampshade (without her knowing the other one was missing) that she absolutely loves!!
See below for step-by-step directions to make your own! :)

Colorful Paper - I used card stock but you could use any kind of pretty paper.  I would, however, recommend using thicker paper for the lampshade to ensure it can hold all of the flowers!
Mug or Circular Item - Based on the size of your lampshade, choose a circle that will produce desired size of flowers!
Hot Glue Gun 
Clear tape

Step One: Purchase your supplies and decide on a color scheme. I chose my colors based on the colors in the argyle wall (see above)!  

Step Two: Create a lampshade out of the thicker paper that will fit over your lamp. Use clear tape to adhere. You may need to cut the bottom of the paper to create a nice, even bottom. 

Step Three: Using your mug (or circular object) as a guide, trace and cut out circles on colored paper of your choice. Because I used a small lampshade, I made all of my flowers the same size but on a larger lampshade, I would try varying the size of your circle to produce larger and smaller flowers.

Step Four: With your scissors, cut an even pattern into your circle until you get to the center.  Leave about a 1/2 inch as the center will be the inside of your flower and you will need room to glue the petals.  The thinner the cuts you make, the more dimensions the flowers will be.

Step Five: From the outside in, wrap your circle around one end of your pencil. This does not have to be perfect! Once the circle is completing wrapped around your pencil, let go and you will have a flower!
Glue the petals together by placing a dot of hot glue in the center of the circle and laying the petals down on top of the glue. Hold for 10 seconds.

Step Six: Using a dot of hot glue, adhere your flowers to the lampshade. I recommend starting at the top of the lampshade and working in a circular pattern towards the bottom.

I hope you enjoyed this colorful DIY project!  

Post your pictures and use the hashtag #KPApreps !!

<3 Karly

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