DIY Disney Channel Couples Sweatshirt

Raise your hand if you were are a Lizzie McGuire fan!!!
Personally, I feel like I need to raise both hands. :)  I spent countless hours watching my favorite teen navigate through high school, deal with bullies (*ahem, Kate), chase the wrong guy (AKA head jock), and eventually [spoiler alert!] fall in love with her best friend!
Lizzie and Gordo were relationship goals for all of us 90's gals!  I made this sweatshirt for the hopeless romantic in me and I can't tell you how many compliments I've already received!  Apparently there are more Lizzie fans out there than I thought!
If you agree with anything I've said, you should 'totally' follow my step-by-step tutorial below.


Crew Neck Sweatshirt - I purchased mine from H&M for $10!
Large Iron-on Letters - I purchased these from Michaels.

Step One: Purchase your supplies and decide which classic Disney Channel couple you want to put on your sweatshirt.  Spell out both names and make sure you have enough of each letter.  I used the I's to make the "+".  

Here are some of my favorite Disney Channel couples:
Phil & Keely 
Troy & Gabriella
Raven & Eddie
Lilly & Oliver
Cory & Topanga

Step Two: Cut a square around each letter - this will help when peeling off the paper after ironing.  Lay your letters shiny side up onto the fabric.  

Step Three: Iron on your letters according to the package.  Use a thin towel between your iron and the letters.  Be careful while ironing that the letter do not shift as you will not be able to move them once you have started ironing!

I hope you enjoyed this project!!
I plan to add to my collection soon.  Maybe I'll move onto reality stars... Laguna Beach, anyone?!

P.S. This would be the perfect gift for your besties. :)

Comment below with your favorite Disney Channel couples!!

<3 Karly

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