DIY Animal Magnets

Hello Diy Darlings!!

I have a super fun and easy DIY for you that will make you the envy of office [granted you aren't already with your DIY Lunchbox]!!  
My cousin made me the wild animals above and I immediately brought them to work to use as magnets on my cabinets (which just happen to be wrapped in black and gold wrapping paper)!! I have received so many compliments on them from coworkers as well as requests for a DIY tutorial!! I decided to make gold dinosaur magnets because come on, who doesn't like dinosaurs?  
Check out the step-by-step tutorial below and learn how to make your very own animal magnets!
P.S. These make an awesome gift!!

Plastic Animals - I purchased mine from the Dollar Tree but they also sell them at Michaels!
Spray Paint - Choose a color dark enough to cover the animals.  
Ceramic Magnets - I purchased these from Michaels.  Make sure to buy these and not the flexible ones if you want strong magnets! 
Oscillating Tool 
Hot Glue Gun
Cotton Balls
Dark Colored Construction Paper

Step One: Use the oscillating tool to cut your animals in half.  Try not to get emotional while cutting their heads off... it was kinda sad seeing the dinosaurs' faces!! ;)

Step Two: Spray paint the animals with enough coats to cover the original color.  I used about four coats of gold.  

Step Three: Using cotton balls - or scraps of paper - fill the inside of each animal to the brim.  

Step Four: Cut a circle out of paper to cover the cotton balls. You will need this to keep the magnet attached to the animal.  Make sure your circle fits just inside the opening to cover the cotton balls.

Step Five: Using a generous amount of hot glue, cover the paper and hold your magnet over the glue until dry. Make sure enough of the magnet is exposed to ensure it will stick to your magnetic surface!

Voilá!  Now you have your very own animal magnets.
Use them at work on your fridge to hold pictures, grocery lists, report cards, or just for decoration!  
The possibilities are endless!!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY!!
Feel free to comment below with questions or your favorite kind of dinosaur!!

xoxo Karly

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