Baby Shower Song Game - Free Template!

 As the age old saying goes: April Showers bring May Flowers.
I think it should to be changed to April Showers bring May Babies!
Is it just me or is everyone having babies right now?! :) 

I recently planned a baby shower at work and had a very difficult [but fun] time coming up with games!  This was due to the fact that I work in a corporate office with both men and women and we have very professional relationships.

I found so many fun games while scouring through Pinterest but didn't choose any of them because 1. Bringing in candy bars to microwave in our tiny communal kitchen during lunch time was not exactly feasible (you all know which game I'm talking about)  2. Wrapping ribbon around our beloved pregnant woman to test her waist size just felt so wrong knowing that our entire executive team was just down the hall and 3. We only had allotted 15 minutes for shower games!!

So, with help from my super creative coworker, we decided to play the game 'NAME THAT SONG'!

Though we did not come up with this game idea, we came up with 15 office appropriate songs with the word 'baby or babe' in the title - which believe me, was harder than you'd think - and made a super cute template that you can use the next time you host a baby shower!! :)

P.S. We found songs from all genres so these will work in any kind of office setting! 

Baby Shower Girl - Free Template
Baby Shower Boy - Free Template
Baby Shower Either - Free Template

Name that Song - Answer Sheet

You can find all of the songs on Youtube or iTunes!  
I recommend playing the first 15 seconds of each song or waiting until the intro lyrics play!

Happy Planning!!

xoxo Karly

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