Jumbo Slumbo/Adult Sleepover

It's my favorite event of the year!
The third annual JUMBO SLUMBO went off without a hitch!
I am sharing some of my favorite party tips and more importantly sharing all of the details to host your own adult sleepover!! 

I'm not kidding when I say that my gals and I look forward to this event all year!  We have been best friends since our middle schools days and have watched each other grow into young professionals with boyfriends, bills, and responsibilities.  Don't get me wrong, we love being in our 20's but there's nothing quite like taking a stroll down memory lane, back to our carefree days.

Food and Drink
This may be the most important part of ensuring your party guests are happy!  Since 2015, when Oxford Dictionary added the word 'hangry' (adj.: (informal) bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger) to its dictionary, I have wondered how we ever survived without this word!!  I can completely start to feel my mood change as soon as my stomach starts to grumble, and I consider myself to be a pretty happy person!  You do not want your guests to be hangry, or thirsty for that matter!  This does not mean you have to cook up a four course meal or purchase specialty drinks for everyone.  I make sure to communicate ahead of time (4-5 days) what guests can expect at the party.  If your party time falls over a main meal hour, be clear whether or not guests should eat ahead of time.  I also like to specify what type of main dish will be served (if any) to alert anyone with allergies. 
As far as drinks go, I like to make a fun cocktail and have guests BYOB if they would like something else.  This is mainly because I know NOTHING about beer and wine!  Also, water is a must!  I usually purchase bottled water for convenience. 

Here is the list of the food and drinks for my party:  

Food (Saturday Night):
Cheese & Crackers
Chips & Dip
Veggies & Dip
Puppy Chow
Chocolate Candy

Food (Sunday Morning):
Donut Holes
Fruit - Raspberries & Blueberries

Drinks (Saturday Night):
Cocktail - Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Hint of Sprite
Water - Mini Bottles
Wine - Friends brought their own!

Drinks (Sunday Morning):
Orange Juice

When I plan a party, I like to have a pretty good idea of how the night will play out.  Since this was a relaxing evening with my BFF's, I knew most of the evening would be spent chatting and would probably end with a movie.  I made a movie template with some of my favorite chick flicks and after we finished catching up, we watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie! 

Some ideas if you are planning your own party (or adult sleepover!) are:
Board Games
Lawn Games

I am a total sucker for themed parties.  I think they are so fun and I can't help but go all out with party decor!!  
My decor almost always includes a photo backdrop to ensure the night is captured with pictures!
To create a Kate Spade inspired theme, I used striped tablecloths, polka dot napkins, striped paper straws, pink & black balloons, and lots of confetti. 

Personal Touch
I enjoy noticing the tiny details that hostesses put into their parties so I try to add a personal touch where ever I can.  It's always fun to guess which guest will notice first!  I created these water bottle labels to coordinate with the Kate Spade inspired theme.

Show Your Appreciation
Thank you notes are such a lost art and I are so unexpected, it makes them extra special.  I love to send out hand-written notes after an event to thank my guests for coming.  Of course, this isn't always possible so I'll turn to texts or email if there was a large group of people in attendance.  I make sure, however, to reach out directly to anyone who made an extra effort and brought something to the party (wine, appetizer, hostess gift, etc).  I think these people always deserve a special shout out!  I make sure to do this within one week of the party.
Feel free to use the Thank You's that I created for my Jumbo Slumbo!  Click HERE and follow the instructions on the 2nd page to change text color!  

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