DIY Seashell Frame

Hello DIY Darlings! 

I'm escaping the frozen tundra of Minnesota and enjoying a week in sunny Florida!!  On a typical vacation day, you can find me with a Pina Colada in one hand, a book in the other, laying on a towel next to the pool.  This trip, however, I decided to take advantage of the ocean view and spend a relaxing day at the beach.  Unfortunately, the beach day I chose was the coldest day of my trip which is why I spent my entire day in a sweatshirt picking up seashells [lol]!
This gave me the idea for my next project: 
This is such an easy DIY that should take you less than 30 minutes and will have you dreaming of the beach!

See below for a step-by-step tutorial :)


Seashells - Handpicked if you're lucky enough to live by the ocean (!) or purchased from somewhere like Michaels, Joann Fabrics, HomeGoods, etc.
Frame - I purchased mine from Michaels for $1!  
Hot Glue Gun

Optional: Craft Paint and Paint Brush - I painted mine white to give it more of a finished look.

Step 1: Purchase your supplies.  I collected seashells of all shapes and colors to give my frame some variety!  

Step 2: If you are going to paint your frame, I suggest painting at least two coats and don't forget to paint the sides of the frame!

Step 3: Wash the sand off your shells and dry them well before applying hot glue.  Be careful when handling them as certain types of shells are extremely fragile (I learned this the hard way)!! 

Step 4: Place your shells in the order that you want before you begin gluing.  Use your smaller shells to fill in the gaps!

 Step 5: Begin hot gluing your shells to the frame.  I applied the glue directly to the shells rather than to the frame.  I think this method worked best because I did not have much excess glue visible under the shells.

How did your frame turn out?!  
Did you find any fun colored shells?  
Comment below and post your pictures!!

Hashtag #KPApreps !!

<3 Karly

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