DIY Postcards

Hello DIY Darlings!  I am trading in my sweaters for swimsuits this week [MN --> FL] and couldn't be happier to be spending some much needed time in the sun.

I don't know about you but one of my favorite things to do while on Vacation is to send postcards!!  I think snail mail is such a fun form of communication that has been taken over by text and email. Anyone want to be my Pen Pal?!

I make it a point to send my BFFs postcards while on vacation, even if I only have time to send a simple 'Wish You Were Here'.  Who doesn't love receiving mail?! :)

This year I decided to skip the souvenir shop by bringing my own postcards!!  Check out the 5 minute DIY below and help me make snail mail great again!

Fun Patterned Paper - Preferably Card Stock
Permanent Marker

Optional - If your paper is not as thick as card stock, you will need white card stock and a glue stick

Step 1: Purchase your supplies.  I wanted to find tropical looking paper since I would be sending the postcards from FL!  I found these at Michaels.  I am still on the lookout for flamingo paper so comment below if anyone knows where I can find some!  

Step 2: Use your ruler to measure a 4 x 6 rectangle on your paper.  I recommend drawing on the back of your paper so you won't have to erase your pencil marks.  

Step 3: Cut out your postcard!  

Step 4: Turn your newly cut postcard over and draw a dot in the middle - this is for the line that will separate your note from the recipient's address.

Step 5: Use your permanent marker and ruler to draw a straight line down the middle of your paper.  
Now you have your own postcards to send to friends/family/coworkers/etc!! :)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are planning to send some of your own postcards!  Anyone have fun Spring Break plans??

Don't forget to post your pictures and hashtag #KPApreps !!

<3 Karly

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