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Hello DIY Darlings!!  
I hope you're ready for some posts about my favorite annual event: 

I am a fanatic about photos.  When I look back on a photo, memories flood back to me so I make sure to take pictures of every fun event.  If a party is hosted by me, it's safe to say there will be plenty of photo ops!!  I've made a photo backdrop for the past two Jumbo Slumbo parties but this is by far my favorite!  I just love how this party banner turned out!!  This was a bit more time consuming than my normal DIY projects but it was so worth it!

Party Banner Template - Click HERE  for the FREE template. 
Party Banner Letter Template - I borrowed a friend's Cricut to cut out these specific letters for the sake of time but this template includes the letters that I've used for almost all of my party banners!!  Click HERE for the FREE template.
White Bed Sheet - I used a 'full' sheet to ensure we could fit a few of us in front of it for the pictures.
Colored Paper - preferably card stock
Ribbon - or some type of string to hang up your banner

Step 1: Print off and cut out the Party Banner Template and the Party Banner Letter Template.  Trace the banner and the letters on fun paper.  

 Step 2: Roll your tape to adhere letters to the banner.  This will give a 3-Dimensional look to your photo backdrop. 

Step 3: Tape ribbon/thread to the back of your banner and use tape to secure to the sheet.  Make sure your letters are evenly spaced and that you banner is hung high enough that you will be able to pose in front of it without covering too much of it!

How cute are my friends??

How did your party banner turn out?!  
I want to see pictures :)

#KPApreps !!

<3 Karly

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