DIY Golf Team Gift

Happy (almost) Spring!!  I know it's not official yet but I think it's fair to start saying Spring once Spring Break begins!! Lucky for me, I was able to spend my college Spring Break trips somewhere warm walking on the beach golf course wearing nothing but bikinis golf skorts and polos!  [Don't believe the sarcasm, I loved it!] Sadly, my office does not give us breaks like this but I am usually able to sneak away to somewhere sunny for a few days! 

This is one of many DIY gifts I made for the team and one of my favorite ones to give as an alumna.  I gave these to my former teammates as well as some incoming first years.  I think they are the perfect mixture of cute, practical, and motivational!  I originally found a similar idea on Pinterest but the blog had expired so I had to make up my own directions. 

Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can create your own motivational gift!!

Any other female golfers out there??  :)


White Card Stock
Colored Card Stock
Ribbon (Coordinate w/ Card Stock Color)
Golf Ball Stickers
Golf Tees 
Clear Scotch Tape

Step 1:  Print golf quotes  on plain, white copy paper and cut out 3" X 3".  Cut out colored card stock 3" X 3 1/2".

Step 2: Cut a piece of white card stock into thirds.  You will have to cut each piece down just slightly to fit within the 3 1/2" width colored card stock.   

Step 3: Fold white card stock into thirds but make the bottom fold longer than the top (this is where the colored paper will go).  Roll tape and stick between card stock to secure colored card stock to the bottom front side of white card stock (see picture below).  Cut out 3 1/2" strips of ribbon and tape to middle side of white card stock.  Tape golf tees to paper with thin strips of Scotch tape.  

Step 4: Secure the golf ball stickers to hold your DIY project together!  

Thanks for stopping by!!  Feel free to comment below with any questions.  

Don't forget to post your pictures and hashtag #KPApreps !!

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