Movie Award's Show Event

Happy Oscar's Sunday!! 

I thought this would be the perfect occasion to post about one of my favorite dance themes: Move Award's Show Night!

This event is put on each year with a different theme for all of the college athletes and it is so much fun to plan!  We chose this theme because we wanted something glamorous.  I planned this event with a few friends and it was a huge success.  I hope these pictures inspire you while planning your own homecoming/prom/Oscar's party/etc!!  

We thought the entrance to this event was one of the most important elements since it's the first thing everyone would see.  We made sure it had a WOW factor.  We went with a classic black and gold color theme for balloons but of course we had to have a red carpet and plenty of movie posters!! 

This annual event began with a three-course-dinner.
The kitchen staff was incredible and more than willing to coordinate with our color scheme by providing black tablecloths and gold napkins.  We purchased our centerpieces and award statues from Oriental Trading []
We found the gold stars and the 'walk of fame' stars at Party City. 
As I mentioned before, this event is put on annually for the athletes at our college hence all of the references to the Blazer athletic teams!

 Along with dinner and dancing, we wanted to ensure there were plenty of photo opportunities (scroll down for our photo backdrop!!).  We had movie posters everywhere, including this gigantic cardboard poster at the entrance.  All of the movie posters were donated from our local movie theater. 
Recognize any of the films circa 2012??

We felt like we should have a photo backdrop since this was a red carpet event, after all!!  We filled jumbo sized popcorn boxes with props fit for any award show - a director's clapboard (what I'm holding), awards, strings of pearls, and sparkly boas.  

P.S. This is my friend who helped plan!! :)

I hope you were inspired by these photos to plan your own Movie Award's Show Event!

As always, comment below and share your photos with the hashtag #KPApreps

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