About Me!

Hello DIY Darlings!  I thought my first blog post should be a little bit about me so here goes everything…

Hi!  I’m Karly.  I just turned 26… as in today!  I promised myself that I would start a blog while I was still in my mid-twenties - how's that for timing?!  I’m currently living in Minnesota as an accountant.  As much as I enjoy editing spreadsheets and analyzing numbers (I’m a nerd, I know) I also have a love of DIY projects and planning events.  Ever since I can remember, I’ve spent hours crafting invitations and decorating for birthday parties, hosting Christmas cookie exchanges, and planning school dances – student council prez, here!  Let’s just say Taylor Townsend was my high school role model (please someone understand the OC reference).   I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse into my DIY world. 

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