Fortune Tellers - Free Template

Hello DIY Darlings! 

Who remembers making fortune tellers?!  They were definitely an essential part of middle school life for my friends and me.

I recently came across some of my childhood crafts and remembered how much fun these were to make!  I decided to create one that could be used for so many things!!  I’m using this one as an invitation for my annual Jumbo Slumbo party –  - think the 13 Going on 30 movie scene with a little more Mary Kate and Ashley and 90s music.  Ohh the memories.   

My 7th grade self used to make these by hand out of notebook paper but there’s so much more you can add online.  Feel free to use this FREE TEMPLATE to create your invitation/greeting card/game… the possibilities are endless! 

Instructions for how to edit and add to the template are in the file!

Anyone else in the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fan club?!

Comment below & hashtag your pictures #KPApreps !

I’d love to see your creations!!

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