DIY Picture Coasters

Hello DIY-ers!  

This is a very easy DIY that makes the perfect gift for your friends, family or for your Valentine (since we are in the month of February)!!  I made these for my boyfriend with pictures of us and he loved them.  
Below is a step-by-step tutorial so you can make your very own picture coasters!!! :)    

For this project you will need:

Mod Podge
Paint Brush or Foam Brush (below)
Hot Glue Gun
Black Felt
Clear Sealant Spray 
Four 4x4 square photos (Instagram size) - I sent mine to Walgreens to print which can easily be done through the Walgreens App.
Four white 4x4 square tiles - These can be purchased from Home Depot, Lowes, etc. They should cost less than $.50 each.  


Step 1: Lay out all four coasters on a smooth working surface.  
I recommend putting something under the tiles such as 
newspaper in case of any Mod Podge drips. 

Step Two: With your paint brush/foam brush, completely cover each tile with a thin layer of Mod Podge.

Step Three: Place Photo on top of Mod Podge.  Smooth out any air bubbles.  Let this dry for 20 minutes.
Next, begin a second thin layer of Mod Podge over 
the picture.  
Do not worry if this leaves a white residue, it will dry clear.

Step Four: Wait 30 minutes for the first coat of 
Mod Podge to dry.  Add one more thin layer over 
each picture and wait another 30 minutes for them to dry.

Step Five: Cut out black felt to fit the bottom of 
the 4x4 tiles.  The purpose of the felt is to prevent 
the coasters from scratching.

Step Six: Hot glue the felt to the bottom of the tile 
and hold in place for 15 seconds.  If there is any 
excess felt, cut off with your scissors.

Step Seven: The last step is to spray the coasters with a layer of clear sealant.  This will prevent the glass from sticking to the coaster when in use.

Voila!!  You have your very own set of picture coasters for use or to gift.  

Comment below with any questions!  
I'd love to see your final products - Hashtag #KPApreps <3 

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